Our business is acquiring land and development sites, obtaining planning consents then building and renovating the highest quality homes in places people aspire to live. This is supported by our expertise in land, site acquisition, design, construction and sales and marketing. 
Our vision is to become a nationally recognised developer of high quality great value homes by putting customers at the heart of everything we do. 


Ricky is the co-founder and Director of Darlow Hemphill, his business career is a testament to his incredible drive and desire for growth. He started investing in property in London when he was 23 and became an equity millionaire at just 34 years old. 
Following achieving financial independence through investing in property and quitting his job as a Construction Manager, he set up Darlow Hemphill Ltd with his business partner James Hemphill. Ricky has a great creative vision and is rapidly growing Darlow Hemphill, leading them to success with his team, investors and equity partners. He has successfully raised many millions of pounds for use in property development projects including major scale new build developments and converting commercial buildings to residential. 
Ricky has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Construction Management and a Diploma in Construction. This education correlates with 14 years experience working with some of the top construction companies in the UK on projects up to £25million as a Construction Manager. Since 2004 he has been a dedicated listener to audiobooks on the subjects of personal development, success and business. He is a keen networker and invests yearly into his education through courses and mentorships. 
Raised by a single Mum on low income, Ricky became independent from an early age and developed into the role of provider to assist his Mother. Seeing his Mother struggle financially to support them both subconsciously programmed him to never want for him or his family to ever have to struggle in later life, this has resulted in enormous drive and ambition for success. 


James, one for the co-founders of Darlow Hemphill, has a core responsibility for land acquisition and negotiation. Originally from a Military background , his tenacity and adaptability followed him into Construction Management and Consultancy where he worked with major construction companies on projects up to £1.2billion. 
Following this, he has built an exceptional knowledge and understanding of various property markets and businesses. 
James is a key communicator and his ability to lead by example provides the professional presence required for Darlow Hemphill’s vision.  
His skill sets are vital for analysing the viability of projects, securing investments and developing joint venture relations. 
James is devoted to self-education, reading and listening to multiple books in personal development, business and property as well as attending countless seminars, networking and property events throughout the country. James also has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Construction Management plus multiple construction specific industry recognized accreditations. 


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